Displaying datetime values - not showing seconds

first post: marnilss wrote: When showing a column of database type 'datetime', the seconds part...

Max. size problem

first post: SteveB10001 wrote: Hi Christian - just downloaded and started to play - good work. F...

latest post: SteveB10001 wrote: Confirmed – bug is gone! TX

Finding the app on my system

first post: GregWoods wrote: I installed this and then typed 'sql' into my Windows 7 Start sear...

latest post: christianhelle wrote: Hi Greg, I checked in some changes to the setup project that resolv...

Visualize NULL values in data grids

first post: zenislev wrote: Hello, thank you for your great work! I've noticed that in data gr...

latest post: christianhelle wrote: You're welcome, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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