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Project Description
SQL Server Compact Edition Database Query Analyzer


- Create new database
- Automatically refresh database upon executing create/alter/drop table queries
- Displays database information (database version, filename, size, creation date)
- Displays schema summary (number of tables, columns, primary keys, identity fields, nullable fields)
- Displays the information schema views
- Displays column information (database type, clr type, max length, allows null, etc)
- Displays index information (column name, is unique, is clustered)
- Execute SQL Queries against a SQL Server Compact Edition database
- Execute multiple SQL queries (delimited by a semi colon ;)
- Easily edit the contents of the database
- Display query result as XML
- Shrink and Compact Databases
- SDF file association with SQL Compact Query Analyzer for launching directly by opening the SDF in Windows Explorer
- Displays thumbnails for IMAGE fields
- Generates Schema and Data Scripts
- Supports password protected databases
- Supports SQLCE 3.0, 3.1, 3.5 and 4.0

Coming at some point:
- Purge database content
- Create, edit, and drop tables UI
- Create, edit, and delete table references and indexes UI
- Support for SQL Server Compact Edition 2.0


- Displays database and schema information and executes multiple SQL queries directly

- Edit the table data directly

- Display the contents of IMAGE fields

- Performance numbers for queries

- Query errors

- Output result set as XML

- Create new database

- Shrink, compact, script database

- .NET Framework 4.0

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